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Good Spanish Dictionary

It does what it says. A bit pricy but good application. I would recommend it.

Best dictionary App

I am very pleased to have bought this wonderful app. It is very helpful, fast and easy to use. Best money ive spent on a app thus far.

Sloved Deluxe English Spanish

A very good app as far as content is concerned. Some technical problems need to be addressed before I would recommend it however. . ... Erratic jumpy scrolling is very annoying. The lack of an index for the conjugation menu means you have to scroll through long lists to find what you want.

Slicked eng/span v3.32

Great app highly recommended. Just upgraded from v2.2

A complete and easy to use dictionary - finally.

First, my level of Spanish so others know how to judge this review: I am US-born Filipino, but I speak Spanish close to fluently - my wife is from Spain, and we go there often. We speak about 30-40% of the time in Spanish while in the US and about 70-80% when in Spain. This dictionary is excellent for 4 reasons: it is fast, it has a large number of entries, it has an easy user interface, and it has a History button. 1) FAST: The dictionary pops up as quick or just slightly quicker than when you try to load up your SMS. When you look up a word, it appears almost instantly. 2) LARGE number of entries: most of the less common words that are not in your typical intermediate Spanish level can be found in this dictionary. For example, "tabernucho." Ive seen many dictionaries that miss a lot of words, but this dictionary is not one of them. 3) EASY user interface: There is a Back button. But besides that, its simple, no-frills interface is a little Google-esque. This greatly increases the dictionarys utility. 4) HISTORY button - this doesnt seem like that big of a deal, but when you look back at your History, it gives you a chance to review all those words that you didnt know - and re-learn/review them again. Repetition is necessary for memorization, and this is a great learning tool. Here are the BAD things: 1) Voice button doesnt work: Perhaps Im using it wrong or didnt download the module or something, but when I click on the speaker icon, I dont hear anything. Anyways, I dont need to use this button, and I prefer not to have this feature to save precious memory space on the iPhone. 2) Program hangs (sort of): If I look up too many words too quickly (4-5 in rapid, consecutive sequence), the program seems to hang a bit and not give me the definition. I either have to wait, type another word, or exit/re-enter program to get it to start looking up again. OVERALL: While this dictionary does not provide conjugations of verbs, many users will not need this feature anyway. The result is a fast, easy to use dictionary with a large number of entries for all but the most advanced users and a surprisingly useful History button. I leave to Spain in 3 days and Ill be there for about a month. I will drink a cold beer and eat some tapas for you!

My mistake. Sound works.

Update: I accidently had my phone turned on silent vibrate. I wish apple would put an icon in the status bar of the iPhone to let me know without having to look on the side of the phone to see if I have it on silence. I apologize for the previous review. I am very pleased with the program. This price is still too high.


Needs some work, conjugations, and more pronunciation ,these things are very important , and thats the reason why Im giving it 3 stars.

Excellent, easy to use, has many colloquial terms used throughout Latinamerica.

I used to have this dictionary in my old Treo, and missed it a lot. Glad to see it on the iPhone platform. Performs flawlessly, speciallly when you are struggling to find the right word. You know it one one language but not in the other. Solid app.

Great and Useful App!!!

Worth the money, although I think $20 would be a bit more reasonable. This is an excellent dictionary, though. I like the History tab as you have instant access to your most recent searches. Also, the audio is clear and loud enough. A couple of requests: 1) Please continue to add voice pronunciations 2) If you could add the letters of the alphabet vertically down the search page, it would really be helpful. I know we can place a letter in the search and that works but it would be an additional help to just have the letters there. What Im talking about is similar to the way Apple does the Contact lists on the iPhone. Theres both a search box and the vertical alphabet. Thanks for a very useful tool! I love it!


dont waste your money on it if you have an ipod touch, the dictionary is okay, but the audio does not work which is the whole reason i bought it

Laughable UI

The SlovoEd Deluxe English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary probably isnt the worst language dictionary app out there. Im a Spanish neophyte, and the content of this Spanish-English/English-Spanish translation dictionary is more than adequate for my needs. This app includes plenty of common Spanish words, with gender, parts of speech, and pronunciations. Conjugations arent provided, but that would be a great way to distinguish the content from that found in print translation dictionaries. Anyone used to the general high quality of Apple applications is going to consider this UI a trainwreck, however. And the UI is awful before you even launch the app. The icon -- which is not even the same icon as the mediocre icon displayed in the App Store -- is simply an image of two stacked books, giving no indication of the apps purpose. And the name? "SlovoEd Deluxe English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary": such a catchy, punchy name, right? Too bad that the iPhone only provides a single line to display app names, so "SlovoEd Deluxe English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary" is truncated down to "Slovo..glish." Appallingly amateurish. Once the app is actually running, youll notice that the apps title bar reads "SlovoEd" rather than, say, "Spanish-English" or even "Dictionary." The tab bar at the bottom of the UI, meanwhile, labels the search/index section as -- thats right -- "SlovoEd." A tab bar item labeled "Dictionaries" leads you to a screen where you can select between English-Spanish lookup mode and Spanish-English lookup mode. But thats entirely the wrong way to do this; for the sake of usability and speed, the "Dictionaries" tab should have been eliminated to leave room for a "Spanish-English" tab and an "English-Spanish" tab. Such a carelessly designed UI makes using the SlovoEd Deluxe English-Spanish & Spanish-English dictionary something of an unpleasant experience. While its true that the app does everything that I need a translation dictionary to do, its also true that my previous cell phone did everything that I needed a cell phone to do, and I still replaced it with an iPhone, because design and usability are things that should matter.

Great application

Very useful and easy to use. It can get even better (5 stars) by include more words and sound pronunciations. Please update it!


The X option on search is too close to the eng-spanish Switch option.



Very useful application

Im learning spanish in Buenos Aires after never having studied the language before and having this application has been a lifesaver. Sure its a bit expensive but the benefit of only having to carry an iphone around (which Im already using) is great and being able to quickly look up a word on demand is great. Well worth the price! Would like a few more features (i.e. conjugations) but Im sure that will come over time.

Expensive but good app!

Deluxe is very useful. Please, continue adding new voices. Random sentences & games to learn would be a good idea.

Very useful

I use this app on a regular basis, and its terrific. It would be better if it could accept multiple-word entries (phrasal verbs, colloquial expressions, etc.--Id give it 4.5 stars rather than 5 on that basis if that were an option), but its reliable, quick, and well worth the investment. While there are online dictionaries available, this app works without wireless access, so it is very helpful in a variety of situations. It goes beyond the most basic definitions and provides examples of a variety of usages. I vehemently disagree with the suggestion that it should recognize conjugated verb forms as entries, since that simply is not how dictionaries work, irrespective of format. If you need to refer to a Spanish/English dictionary with any regularity, particularly in situations in which wireless access is unavailable or carrying a dictionary is unwieldy, this app is a very good resource.

Good application

Very good application

Why the sound doesnt work???

the diccionary is ok, but I dont understand why do they sell me a dictionary with audio, if the audio doesnt work?? i have a ipod touch, i hope they make a actuallization soon, beacause i need ir for the school. well dont buy it until paragon make a actuallization.


Great app. Very usefull. Would be nice to get the updates. Cheers.

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